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The Center for World Music's
Spring 2002 Artist in Residence

Sumandhi with Topeng Mask

I Nyoman Sumandhi
Balinese Dalang

Acclaimed Balinese performing artist Ni Nyoman Sumandhi will be in residence in San Diego, and on tour in the US, during the first half of this year as the Center for World Music's Year 2002 Artist in Residence.

I Nyoman Sumandhi was born into a long line of Balinese dalangs or shadow puppet masters.  His father was the renowned dalang Bapak Rajeg, one of Bali’s greatest topeng dancers and puppet masters.


The shadow puppet theater or Wayang Kulit is regarded as the pinnacle of the arts in Indonesia. Dalangs are recognized as master artists as well as spiritual leaders. Becoming a dalang involves a mastery of traditional music, dance, and choreography, as well as the repertoire and theatrical techniques associated with the shadow puppet theater.


Pak Sumandhi's schedule is quite full, but he is avaliable on certain dates for performances, workshops, and lecture demonstrations.

Sumandhi will give a series of Balinese Gamelan Workshops in San Diego during March and April, 2002.

Shadow Puppetry

Pak Sumandhi's residency in Spring 2000 was supported in part by a grant from the Asian Cultural Council.


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